What is the PMP® credential all about?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is an industry leading certification granted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) upon passing their public PMP® exam. Passing this exam is not easy, so PMTestOnline is a sophisticated study aid which will support your official PMI training materials and bring you up to speed. We've got a great track record helping people pass (see our Testimonials) and we're registered by the PMI as an official study course.


If you're completely new and want to find out about the PMP® credential, we recommend you visit www.pmi.org to find out just how important this certification is for you as a career-minded project manager.


Who uses PMTestOnline ?
Newly appointed project managers, and those who wish to make a career in project management. It’s used by those studying for the prestigious PMP® examination and by experienced Project Managers who like to exercise their brains, test their knowledge and keep current.


Is PMTestOnline compliant with "PMBOK® Guide" from the Project Management Institute?
Yes. The PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ("PMBOK® Guide" 5th Edition)is part of the PMI's official study material. Like all materials it's a guide, so we use this and many other sources including our own professional experience as research material for PMTestOnline, which is designed to take you beyond the curriculum, so you don't get “caught” with unusual questions in your actual exam.


Does PMTestOnline replace books and study materials?

PMTestOnline is a study aid and not a replacement for official study materials, but with consistent use it will sharpen you up if you wish to take an exam. You can also use is PMTestOnline just to refresh, entertain and test your knowledge.


How do I get started?

You can try us FREE without signing up. Just click on “Try it FREE”. You can create an account free so PMTestOnline will remember you next time – click on “Create account”.

If you already have an account, just click on “Login”


How do I subscribe?

Easy. Just click on the “Purchase” button. Select “Project Management Course” and you can pay with any major credit card using our built-in link to PayPal. If you’ve pre-purchased a subscription code, or been handed one by your company, key it in to the “Subscription Code” box and press the Process button.


How do I answer the questions?

Click the “Study” button. Click “Ok” to acknowledge the first infotext once you’ve read it. Answer the question by clicking anywhere on your chosen answer. If you’re right you’ll see the next question; if not, you’ll get another shot.


How do I choose a topic to study?

Click on “Choose topics”. It’s best to have all the subjects checked, but you can just check one if you’d like to focus for a while.


How do I make it repeat questions more (or less) often?

The “My options” menu contains a “Repitition delay factor” field. Increase the number to see questions less often; use a number less than 1 to see questions more often.


How do I take a practice exam?

Click on “Practice exam” and you’ll get a 200 question practice session. If you’re a paid subscriber you can vary the exam content to focus on familiar/unfamiliar areas.

How do I claim my PDUs?
If you’re a paid subscriber and you use the system to study for eleven hours (easy if you log in and study from time to time), you can claim 11 PDUs  on a digital certificate produced by our partners Business Management Consultants, who have registered this course with the PMI. PDUs can be used once – either towards the 35 you’ll need to take the exam, or towards the 60 you’ll need for recertification once you’ve passed. Just send an email to our technical support department (address above) and we’ll prepare your certificate for you. You can see your cumulative study time by looking at the “Top scores” screen. Note that you have to be actively studying for the cumulative time to grow; if you leave the system for lunch, the clock will pause!

Does PMTestOnline use actual questions from the PMP® exam?
The Project Management Institute keep their questions confidential, so no training provider will be able to reveal these. Our questions have been uniquely created to build your understanding of the subject areas of project management. As such we at PMTestOnline offer a great supportive learning tool.

Is PMTestOnline connected with the Project Management Institute?
We believe that PMTestOnline is a unique and compelling addition to existing official study material which will be of particular benefit to those studying for the prestigious PMP® exam. However is does NOT replace such material, and we at PMTestOnline are neither connected nor endorsed by the PMI® or any other organization. We have designed our questions and information texts using our own practical project management experiences coupled with the understanding of numerous academic and other sources. Do note however that, thanks to our business partners Business Management Consultants (BMC), who are registered education providers with the PMI, we appear on the PMI® website as an official study course and we are authorized to offer 11 PDUs for 11 hours of system study.

I found an error in one of the questions!
Please tell us! We take every effort to make our questions and answers unique, interesting and correct. However we are only human. If you spot a question that you believe has an incorrect answer or has some other error, please email us at technical support.

How many questions are there on PMTestOnline ?
Too many to count. The system has several hundred base questions however it’s capable of generating its own questions using a pool of distracters so that there are potentially thousands and you may not see the exact same options twice for the same question. This is the PMTestOnline difference - where the software understands the relationship between questions and can react to your answers.

How does PMTestOnline decide which question to ask next?
PMTestOnline simulates a real tutor by using a group of formulae to calculate a score for each question you answer. Some of the factors it takes into account are:


• Your correct and incorrect answer history for the question
• How many times you use the 50/50, Hint or Show Answer buttons
• How difficult other students find the question
• How quickly you learned other questions in the same topic


The program presents questions based on their current scores and the elapsed time since they were last asked. It tries to avoid repeating any question too soon and asks questions where you scored lowest before your higher scoring questions. The “intelligent repetition” algorithm matches the way people learn and you’ll only be presented with new questions when there are no previously seen questions due for a repeat.

Do I have any control over the question selection process?
You cannot directly edit a question’s score, but you can affect it by constantly answering it correctly (or incorrectly). The User Options screen has a Repetition Delay Factor that influences the program’s question choosing algorithm. Increase this factor to increase the time between seeing the same questions again; decrease it to see questions sooner. The system will still use “intelligent repetition” and show you low scoring questions before higher scoring ones; you are merely influencing the duration.

Why should I create an account?
When you create an account, our database can track your personal progress so that each time you visit, you can carry on where you left off.

Do I have to supply my name?
The User View List is the same as the Top Scores in video game in that it lets you compare your scores with others. You have to supply some name for the system to work, and we encourage you to use your real name, however some prefer to put just their first name, initials or a nickname.


Why does it ask for my birthday?
We use birthdays to calculate the age of each user. It’s fun to see the ages of each user on the View User List screen. However feel free to leave this field blank, in which case your age will be displayed as zero.


Why should I subscribe to PMTestOnline?
When you purchase a subscription to PMTestOnline the system will be able to ask you questions from the entire database. In other words you will have access to all of the study material and you’ll experience the maximum benefit from the course. As a trial user who has not subscribed, you will only have access to the first thirty questions in the system.

How much does it cost?
The subscription page shows the latest prices and durations for a subscription.

Can I share my user name/password with others?
You should not share your user name/password with others because your question history would become mixed with theirs, making the software ineffective for both of you. The database would no longer correctly reflect which questions you have learned.

Can I purchase the program on CD or DVD?
Our program is specifically written for the Internet. This is because:
• There is no software to download or install
• You can access the account from any Internet connection
• We can introduce new questions, and change or delete poor ones, enabling us to improve the course
• We can gather statistics on which questions people find easiest and hardest, so we can put more focus on the harder questions.

Does PMTestOnline work on my iPhone, Android or other smart-phone?
Yes we have an App for Android users (sorry iPhone will be along later). To access the Android App go to Google Play and search on "PMTestOnline". The App remembers your password and you can click the icon on your phone and use PMTestOnline anywhere you've an Internet connection. But - CAUTION - if you're using a mobile phone be aware of your data or roaming costs, because PMTestOnline requires constant Internet access to operate.



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